Our institute

Sciences Po Strasbourg, une formation d'excellence

Established in 1945, the Strasbourg Institute of Political studies has been perpetuating its specific and traditional high-level and multidisciplinary course. Students acquire a broad general knowledge as well as a specialised training in law, history, economics, management, foreign languages and political sociology. The Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies distinguishes itself by the high quality of its courses in management, business and finance.

  • Skilled and conscientious students

Sciences Po Strasbourg students are recruited either after the baccalauréat (high school diploma) or at the end of a two-year course – classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles – after passing the competitive entrance examination common to 6 Institutes of Political Studies. Challenging and selective, the entrance examination consists of three written tests (general knowledge, contemporary history and one foreign language).  Last year, only 10%  of the 11000 registered applicants passed the examination and are now studying  in an Institute of Political Studies.

  • A worldwide known institute

Everyyear, the Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies welcomes and trains a large number of international students who contribute to the growth and promotion of our institute. The Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies collaborates with 80 universities worldwide, thus creating a wide network of exchange and international cooperation. We cooperate with prestigious universities such as Georgetown University in Washington, Trinity College in Dublin, St Andrews University in Scotland, the Free University of Berlin and the Boston College in the US, only to mention a few.

  • A multidisciplinary and professionalising course

Once admitted in the Institute of Political Studies, our students follow a three-step course.

The first two years involve a multidisciplinary course which provides them with a good grounding in general knowledge and transversal skills to help them understand today's major issues. During these two years, they mainly study law, economics, management, history, political science and foreign languages.

Then, our students spend their third year abroad either studying in a partner universityor being an intern in a company. During this year, they can acquire a sound grounding in the foreign language of the country they live in and develop open-mindedness that will later enable them to easily evolve in an international professional environment.

Back for their 4th year in Sciences Po Strasbourg, our students will choose one from the three master sectors : Public administration, Economics and business or European Studies and International Relations. Students will broaden and develop their knowledge in areas of their interest and also acquire more technical and in-depth skills. They then will put these knowledge and skills into practice during their 5th year while performingtheir six-month internship.

« The Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies is proud to have an association such as Sciences Po Strasbourg Consulting. Its activity highlights the knowledge and savoir-faire acquired in our establishment. It perfectly highlights the originality of our training, which aims to reconcile high-level teaching with professional recognition and thus benefits the actors who call on this level of excellence. »
— Gabriel ECKERT, Sciences Po Strasbourg director